Brussels is home to many interesting women from all over the world.


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Many women who live in Belgium had a professional life in their home countries, but the difficulty of mastering the local language hinders their social integration and entry into the labor market. Many feel alone, isolated and have low self-esteem, and settle into the social group of their compatriots -the Indian with Indians, the Japanese with Japaneses etc.



Living in a multicultural city and not taking advantage of this rich diversity is a missed opportunity, and so Alice Ramos (photographer and photography teacher) and Angela Cardoso (lawyer and accountant) have created a space in which these women with diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together. The objective of WeDo is to break language barriers, promote self-esteem and share in the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and information!



To accomplish this, We Do has created a platform in which all members can develop their skills and get a boost of confidence. All participants will be invited to teach a skill or give a lecture. The lecture or course that you give will be in the language that you are comfortable with, and the other members that are in attendance will help with translation. We have found that this is a supportive method that works really well and promotes co-operation among women.

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We Do Multi Cultural Center for Women

Boulevard du Souverain

1160 Brussels


E-mail: wedo@wedoforwomen.org


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